The name of Amina Khan may not be familiar to you as Parmagz readers or as a Paramadina community. But let us introduce to you who Amina Khan is, and what is her view about the fitness world. Amina Khan is a Muslim woman who works in the fitness world. She had a recognition of her global impact on health education. For her, exercise is not just about maintaining body shape and fitness only, but she believes that our bodies are a precious “trust” to us from God, and we must be serious about taking care of this gift. 

On Monday, May 4, 2020, Parmagz Reporter interviewed Amina Khan, who is a founder and CEO of Amanah Fitness. The interview lasted for 30 minutes and was conducted via Skype. In this short time, Amina who lives in Canada shared her inspirational stories about education, collaboration with Paramadina University, her opinions about cigarette addiction among students, and most importantly, tips for staying active during Ramadan. 

Amina is an award-winning fitness psychologist and health coach. Amina Khan completed her BA Honours in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behavior from McMaster University in 2014. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. degree in Health Psychology at Walden University. Amina is a CanfitPro Certified Group Fitness Instructor. In 2018, Amina received National distinction and was named Canada’s Canfitpro Fitness Professional of the Year – Fitness Instructor Specialist in recognition of her global impact on health education. 

Amina started Amanah Fitness to share her message that fitness is for everyone, regardless of their cultural backgrounds or their identity. Amina believes that fitness can unite us all. Amanah Fitness believes that a healthy community starts with healthy individuals. Amanah Fitness seeks to promote nutrition and activity through evidence-based online programs and health psychology principles to help everyone get into the best shape of their life. 

In this article, Parmagz will share a fun chat with Amina about her views about how important exercise is in our life. If you want to build exercise habits, let’s get started, now!

Note: P: Parmagz, A: Amina. 

P: Amina, how to stay active doing exercise during Ramadan amidst global pandemic conditions? 

A: The global pandemic that occurred in Ramadan this year makes it easier for us to exercise because almost all activities are carried out at home. So we have a schedule that can be adjusted to the needs to stay comfortable exercising. Also, because of the time to break the fast in Indonesia around 6 pm, it is possible to exercise after breaking the fast. The time is safe for us because we are not dehydrated and can drink water after exercise. In this Ramadan, try to focus on doing light and short exercises so that we have enough time to do prayers and read the Quran. 

P: During Ramadan, Amanah Fitness made a 5-minute training series program shared via YouTube, which video do you recommend for Paramadina students and lecturers? 

A: For Paramadina students and lecturers, I recommend trying the Ramadan Couch workout. The movements are light and easy to do because they are done while sitting on the couch. Couch workout is safe for all ages, you can even bring parents to do this exercise together. When talking about exercise, we often think that exercise is synonymous with going to the gym, it needs equipment and is done for a long time. Though exercise can be done in a short time as needed. It just takes 5 minutes to make a change! 

P: During this pandemic, we do all the activities both work and college from home, how do we maintain fitness in the midst of feeling lazy due to the task that requires to be in front of the laptop for hours? 

A: (Hearing this question, Amina let go of her laugh.) Hmm..laptop student lifestyle. It’s very important to make sure we are not sitting all day long. You can use your laptop while standing and put it on the table, then sit back and change positions periodically. Well, whatever, exercise should not be abandoned because it will help you to think optimally, you would be happy if you could complete the task quickly, and get satisfying results? It also depends on our thinking power. Exercising helps us stay fresh! 

P: Before we end this interview, is there a message you want to convey to Paramadina students? 

A: I want to challenge Paramadina students, just try our Ramadan workout series on youtube for one week. You will feel so much better. You will be able to concentrate better on your study and focus on your prayer. 

That is our interview with CEO Amanah Fitness, Amina Khan. Thank you, Amina for giving your precious time and getting along with us in this interview! 

Anyway, let’s try a Ramadan 5 minutes workout series through the Amanah Fitness Youtube channel! You guys can also follow Amina Khan through the Amanah Fitness Instagram at @amanahfitness and Facebook at Amanah Fitness.


Reporter: Della Pioresti & Fathimatul Zahra

Editor: Pikri Alamsyah